Kinky Party

mascarade erotique
*Ex-Pop Porn Party
The spirit of best Berlin and Paris clubs
Nothing but love, beauty and sex.
Strict dress code

Kinky New Year. Future is coming
Hi-Tech Kinky New Year
PRAVDA str 24 /3
Face Control & Dress Code / 18+
Presale tickets from 2000 RUR.
Door tickets - 5000 RUR.

Dress code: devilry (your outfit should be sexy and represent some extra-terrestral spirit)
Ticket refund possible no later than 3 days before the event.
You can change into your outfit in the club
(cloakrooms and broomstick stables available).
Wanna go!
Cover your face under a mask or strip off the mask you have to wear every day? Become someone else for just one night or discover your new self?

You choose. Breathe the sweet scent of freedom, come with us and open a new world!

Kinky Party. Life changing experience.

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Fantasy is the only reality

Federico Fellini

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